Thank you, SPJ voters!

I’m humbled. This weekend, the members of the Society of Professional Journalists elected me and Claire Regan to join the national board as at-large directors. I accept the honor with humility. Three excellent candidates ran and did not get as many votes. I’m not saying they “lost” because they didn’t. Haisten Willis, Andrew Seaman andContinue reading “Thank you, SPJ voters!”

For SPJ. For NAHJ. For Journalism

I am running for a seat on the board of directors of the Society of Professional Journalists. Watch the video below and click here for my SPJ platform. I am also running for secretary of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. Click here for my NAHJ platform. Can someone serve on two boards at once?Continue reading “For SPJ. For NAHJ. For Journalism”

Pete Hamill, Newsman, 1935-2020

It didn’t last terribly long. Pete Hamill was top editor at the New York Daily News for, what, eight, nine months? He and I never had a one-one-one conversation that wasn’t small talk. But, man, was he an inspiration. He set a tone in the newsroom and for news coverage that I’ve never seen matchedContinue reading “Pete Hamill, Newsman, 1935-2020”

NAHJ National Board nominees

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists is now in the process of vetting the candidates who received enough signatures to qualify for a spot on the ballot for board elections. This is a list of candidates that I am aware of who are seeking seats on the board of directors of NAHJ, along with theirContinue reading “NAHJ National Board nominees”

Permission to protest ‘freely’

I had a dream that MLK gave a speech in 2020. But it wasn’t history’s MLK. It was MLK as reimagined by those who have attempted to usurp his legacy in the mistaken belief that they embody his objectives better than those who marched with him. You know the type. The speech went something likeContinue reading “Permission to protest ‘freely’”

Erasing history? Oh, please!

The ongoing unrest over how to address the problem of police use of excessive force in America has spilled over into other aspects of life, including the official use of “the” “Confederate” flag and monuments to the generals and other leaders of the Confederate States of America (which waged war on the USA). There areContinue reading “Erasing history? Oh, please!”

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