Funny how? (Is America ready for a white First Lady?)

Did it amuse you? I’m talking about Robert De Niro’s joke while introducing First Lady Michelle Obama at a recent Obama fundraiser in New York. You missed it? Here’s what he said: “Callista Gingrich. Karen Santorum. Ann Romney… Now do you really think our country is ready for a white first lady?” Newt Gingrich demanded an apologyContinue reading “Funny how? (Is America ready for a white First Lady?)”

Can the state force the hand of faith?

Imagine for a moment that you are on the Board of Governors of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (whose followers are better known as Jehovah’s Witnesses). Imagine the government required you to purchase health insurance for your employees. You gladly do so. Now imagine the government demanded that the coverage you provide to your employees MUST includeContinue reading “Can the state force the hand of faith?”

My Howard Kissel memory

I became extremely interested in musical theater in the early 1990s, when Howard Kissel was the main theater critic for the New York Daily News. I started working at the News in 1993 as a general assignment reporter. Kissel wrote an article once about the mega musicals that were dominating the Broadway stage at theContinue reading “My Howard Kissel memory”

Latin comedy and why I hate Carlos Mencia (via Being Latino Online Magazine)

I don’t completely agree with this post, but I do find it interesting and wanted to share it. Personally, I’ve got nothing for or against Carlos Mencia. by Michael Guillén Over the years, I've developed a certain taste for comedy. It has to be clever and above all, smart. I believe good comedy gives theContinue reading “Latin comedy and why I hate Carlos Mencia (via Being Latino Online Magazine)”

What is a moderate extremist?

I believe most Americans are moderate extremists. A moderate extremist adamantly refuses to believe an idea is wrong just because it is espoused by Republicans, that a law is good just because its intentions are good, or that spending by the government is bad just because it’s spending by the government.   We are repulsedContinue reading “What is a moderate extremist?”

UNITY should welcome NABJ members to Las Vegas

Some of the discussion about what will happen now that NABJ has pulled out of the UNITY: Journalists of Color coalition centers around whether NABJ members will be welcome at the UNITY conference in Las Vegas next year. One answer that was floated around (not an official UNITY answer, but an educated presumption) was that NABJers could pay theContinue reading “UNITY should welcome NABJ members to Las Vegas”

Dis UNITY: NABJ split avoidable, regrettable… reversible?

Like many others, I have been watching the unraveling of the UNITY coalition with increasing dismay over the last few weeks. I was concerned about weighing in too heavily because I thought my uninvited observations might not be articulated or received in a constructive manner. With yesterday’s action by the NABJ board to pull outContinue reading “Dis UNITY: NABJ split avoidable, regrettable… reversible?”

80s Nostalgia: 6 songs I thought no one else remembered

Just for fun, I’ve been checking out You Tube and finding all sorts of songs from the 1980s that I haven’t heard, for the most part, since the 1980s. They’re not the greatest songs in the world, but I admit I like them. Honestly, I’m stunned that not only did other people remember these songs, but they foundContinue reading “80s Nostalgia: 6 songs I thought no one else remembered”

NewsBusters answered: Why NAHJ stood up for a suspended Latina reporter

The Media Research Center is a right wing organization committed to exposing the liberal agenda in the mainstream press. In a recent column on their NewsBusters page, one of their writers makes reference to a comment I made regarding the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and its decision not to comment on the firing ofContinue reading “NewsBusters answered: Why NAHJ stood up for a suspended Latina reporter”

Fundraiser for Diane Riportella, ALS fighter

Diane Riportella (my sister) was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) almost three years ago. She has fought bravely, but if you know anything about ALS, you know that it is relentless and merciless. Needless to say, the cost of treatment is astronomical. Our family has raised money for ALS research, but at this timeContinue reading “Fundraiser for Diane Riportella, ALS fighter”

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