NAHJ elections: There should be no debate

The debate over whether the Board of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists should cancel this year’s election and extend the current term of Board members by another year should have begun and ended with two words. It’s illegal. But they acted in good faith. It’s illegal. But they truly felt it was in theContinue reading “NAHJ elections: There should be no debate”

NAHJ members, demand your right to vote!

Last week, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) announced a formal decision to cancel the 2020 national board elections. The board’s decision was based, in the association’s words, on a need to “temporarily limit any unnecessary radical change in the interest of preserving a strong and effective organizational foundation.” But if anything is “unnecessary”Continue reading “NAHJ members, demand your right to vote!”

The right time to take a stand

There seems to be an undercurrent of opinion in some circles that black people are not allowed to speak on any issue until and unless they address particular issues within their own community. Concerned about police brutality? You can’t address that until you address black on black crime. Distraught that a seemingly clear case ofContinue reading “The right time to take a stand”

Restoring NAHJ will take more than words

I made a donation today to the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. I did it because NAHJ needs the help of every member to meet its immediate and  long-term goals. Members want an effective website, a responsible and responsive staff (of more than just one overworked person), increased training and networking opportunities and a voiceContinue reading “Restoring NAHJ will take more than words”

A suggestion for the #UNITYJournalists alliance partners

  Congratulations on another UNITY convention receiving high marks from those who attended. I’m sorry I missed it, and I vow to be with you at your next convention. About that… What’s say we do this again in 2014? Hear me out. I know this idea has been floated and rejected before, but that wasContinue reading “A suggestion for the #UNITYJournalists alliance partners”

My comments on the #NAHJ board meeting Twitter controversy

One of the challenges one faces when granting an interview with a reporter is recognizing that not everything he or she says will be used in the article. The trick is to measure everything you say so that no matter which quote is pulled, it can stand on its own without confusing anyone. It isContinue reading “My comments on the #NAHJ board meeting Twitter controversy”

Hugo Balta for NAHJ President

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists is going through some tough times. I do not envy the current board for the difficult decisions they have had to make over the last two years, and I will not second-guess them. I applaud President Michele Salcedo and Vice President/Financial Officer Russell Contreras for taking their roles seriouslyContinue reading “Hugo Balta for NAHJ President”

UNITY name change was a foregone conclusion, but…

They went ahead and did it. UNITY: Journalists of Color is no more. Long live UNITY Journalists. Truth is, the name change was a foregone conclusion from the moment the UNITY board opted to allow the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association to become a part of the coalition. In embracing that bold change, theContinue reading “UNITY name change was a foregone conclusion, but…”

UNITY should welcome NABJ members to Las Vegas

Some of the discussion about what will happen now that NABJ has pulled out of the UNITY: Journalists of Color coalition centers around whether NABJ members will be welcome at the UNITY conference in Las Vegas next year. One answer that was floated around (not an official UNITY answer, but an educated presumption) was that NABJers could pay theContinue reading “UNITY should welcome NABJ members to Las Vegas”

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